Robust Packet Radio with Teensy RPR TNC (SCS)

I use Android or iOS smartphones for Winlink and APRS. It works quite well on VHF and UHF. Unfortunately, apart from APRS, packet radio is hardly of any significance today. There are very few Winlink and Digipeater stations left. On shortwave (HF) the situation is even worse. Robust Packet is a method that is also very suitable for shortwave. Yes, with VARA HF and FM there are already very well functioning systems and this also works very well with Windows and also with a Raspberry PI, but not with an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. However, as I don’t want to take an additional computer with me for my minimal QRP setup, I was looking for a way to still be qrv with Winlink and APRS on shortwave. Julian OH8STN made me aware of the Teensy RPR TNC. I then contacted Robert, DM4RW, from whom I obtained a ready-made device. However, it is also possible to build the device yourself. The Teensy RPR TNC is an SCS tracker clone and works excellently. It is lightweight, small and can be powered via USB or connected directly to a smartphone or computer. The connection also works via BlueTooth, unfortunately not with iOS. Oliver, DL4KA is currently building a housing with a display. This will also enable standalone operation. I am very happy to be able to operate APRS and Winlink on shortwave with Robust Packet. It would be desirable for the group around the Teensy RPR TNC to continue to grow and for more APRS, Digipeater and Winlink RPR stations to become available worldwide, including on shortwave. This would also be useful in the event of a catastrophe when the normal Internet fails and communication can still be maintained. 73, Karl-Heinz DL1GKK

More information about the Teensy RPR TNC:

APRSdroid setup

Android Teensy RPR TNC APRSDroid

WoAD Winlink Setup

Android Teensy RPR TNC WoAD Winlink

Windows PinPoint APRS Setup

Windows Teensy RPR TNC PinPoint APRS

PinPoint APRS cannot yet initialise the Teensy RPR TNC. It is therefore necessary to do this with Putty first. After the start and the correct settings, the command ESC+@+k is given so that the TNC starts the KISS mode. Putty can then be closed again and PinPoint APRS can be started.

Putty for init teensy rpr tnc

TNC Setup in PinPoint APRS

PinPointAPRS Setup TNC

Windows Winlink Express Setup

Windows Teensy RPR TNC Winlink
Winlink Express SCS Setup
Winlink TRX Setup

APRS Stations on 10147.3 khz USB (May 2024)

PinPoint APRS 10MHZ

Robust Packet Winlink Gateways on shortwave

Winlink RPR Stations

Case from DL4KA

Teensy RPR TNC Case from DL4KA