Android / iPhone QRP setup 2024

In spring 2024 it was once again time to update my minimally portable amateur radio setup. Since I travel a lot and also like to be outdoors with my dog, I often have a small photo bag with me as an alternative to my GoBoxes, which contains everything I need to be QRV with as little effort as possible. 

I use a WonderWand Loop antenna on a small tripod as an antenna. For shortwave I use an ELECRAFT KX2. For VHF and UHF a TH-D74. An Android smartphone Moto G14 is used as the computer. I also have a small power bank and a second battery for the KX2. I can use it for half a day of radio operation. The digital interface is a digirig with the necessary connection cables. New in my setup is a TeensyTNC (SCS Tracker clone) for Robust Packet. The software I use is FT8CN for FT8, APRSdroid for APRS and WoAD for Winlink. FT8CN works very well with the digirig interface as it not only does audio in/out and ptt, but also CAT transceiver control. APRSdroid connects to the TH-D74 via Bluetooth. 

As an alternative to Android, I sometimes use my iPhone or iPad as a computer. Unfortunately, a direct Bluetooth connection to the TH-D74 is not possible, so I also use a Mobilinkd TNC 4. For FT8 I use iFTx with a DigiLink interface, for APRS and for Winlink RadioMail. 

I have no experience with the TeensyTNC yet. If anyone can tell me how to set up WoAD, RadioMail, APRSdroid and to make it work, I would appreciate information to

73, have fun, Karl-Heinz