QRP portable setup 2022

Summer 2022 is coming. Time to make the QRP equipment fit.

Since I prefer digital modes the portable station is put together accordingly. My preferred radio is my IC-705, power comes from a 12V, 15A LiFePO battery. Mini computer, monitor and radio are attached directly to the tripod with a simple, lightweight, self-built ALU mount.

My Alex-Loop for HF or my 4 Element LogPeriodic for VHF and UHF is mounted directly on it. Everything fits comfortably in a backpack, is thus rainproof and very quickly assembled or disassembled. Due to the modern radio and the technology used (Bluetooth/WLAN), there are few cable connections. The transmitting power is 10Watt and the weight of everything is about 11kg.

I am looking forward to many radio contacts this year. Stay healthy, 73 Karl.