Pimp up my Tripod-Go-Box

After I was able to test my slightly different Go-Box for some time now (in my shack and outside)…

(This was the beginning: https://dl1gkk.com/tripod-box-the-slightly-different-gobox/)

I realized that it would be a shame to use the very powerful Raspberry PI 4 for only one task or one mode of operation. So the idea was obvious to attach further hardware to the tripod.

The basic idea was e.g. to be QRV in shortwave with FT-8 and to enable APRS operation at the same time. For this purpose I mounted a YAESU FT-70DE and connected it with a Mobilinkd TNC3 to the Raspi. With Xastir parallel APRS operation is now possible and I can also be QRV in C4FM or FM on VHF/UHF while doing FT8. In the tinkering box there was also an older SDRplay RSP1 which I mounted on the back of the monitor. So I have, in combination with CubicSDR a wideband receiver from 10khz to 2GHz always with me. This allows many more experiments and modes of operation like weather satellite reception, ADS-B reception for VirtualRadar, QO-100 reception with transverter and much more.

To be able to use a microphone wireless with my IC-705 I bought a Surecom BT Microphone 2AI02-H3-B. It is not as good in quality as the original microphone but totally ok. The PTT works via BlueTooth without any problems. This eliminates the danger of me accidentally knocking over the stand on the microphone cable. I now only use wireless keyboards that have a USB dongle and also like to connect all other devices directly with a USB cable. I made the experience that Bluetooth connections with the Raspi do not always work well. For the power supply a light LiFePO battery 12Volt 15A is used. In QRP mode, this is enough for a whole day of radio operation. As a backup I still have a PowerBank with solar panel. The 5.1V Power for the Raspi is made with a step down converter in the black box beside the raspi.

So my complete QRP portable setup 2021 is mounted on the tripod. Antennas, cables, battery, accessories etc. something to eat and drink and a blanket fit comfortably in a normal sized backpack. So that the tripod stands stable the backpack is simply hung up below. The equipment is firmly mounted on the tripod and can be carried easily. However, it is also quick and easy to remove the devices and for transport, for example, to stow in the backpack.

A weather protection is still on my ToDo list.

By the way, since I use ALU cases for the Raspi, mount everything on ALU sheets with a uniform ground, put ferrite cores over all connection cables, I never had problems with heat or high frequency radiation again.

Have fun and stay healthy, 73, Karl-Heinz