Small portable digital amateur radio station-V2


I was already very satisfied with my first small, portable station.

However, it bothered me that in principle I always have to have two computers with me. The Raspi and for controlling the iPad as VNC client and WLAN hotspot. That doesn’t feel right somehow. Of course the power consumption is unbeatable. iPad and KX2 have their own batteries and the Raspi runs with a powerbar.

With the availability of the new Raspberry Pi 4b in July 2019, my desire for a “real” digital QRP station quickly grew. Below is my hardware setup that works really well.

Now I have to find the perfect solution for a small, light and portable power supply. Best with solar support. But this is a new project… comes when I have time for it again.

Another claim of mine was to make the Raspi my main computer for amateur radio applications. I find it difficult to need several computers, all of which require regular updates and therefore a lot of time. A Raspi once properly installed doesn’t need updates all the time.

For more Information have a look here:

Have fun… VY 73, Karl-Heinz, DL1GKK

Elecraft KX2

Raspberry Pi 4 Alu Case
Great temperature cooling with really quiet fans

IPS Monitor, 10.1 Zoll Full HD 12V Screen

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad, Jelly Comb

Diymall Vk-172 Usb Gps Dongle

Sabrent USB Soundcard AU-EMAC