portable power supply 72 ah 12 volt

Modern technology is constantly evolving. The performance of modern transceiver, cell phones or laptops is impressive. However, one thing has not changed significantly to this day. The need to always have enough power.

Especially when you are on the road a lot in your car and work in it, built-in rechargeable batteries or the car battery have not enough power. A additional portable power supply is needed.

I use a simple toolbox for the housing. In this one i have a 72Ah BOSCH battery built in. The fixing is done with aluminium tubes.

The battery is charged with a built-in CTEK MXS 5.0 charger. The battery works in my car for several days. Charging is then carried out at the weekend or overnight.

For the wiring i used silicone cable with 6mm2. In case of a short circuit, a 30A fuse is integrated. On the top of the toolbox are the sockets required for my purpose, the corresponding switches and a battery charge indicator.

The construction of such a mobile power supply is easy to implement and has proven itself in practice.