About me

Karl-Heinz Krawczyk 2023

I was born in 1966 and I am a craftsman. With my company I build roofs and solar systems. www.dach-ok.de. I have also been active in an honorary capacity for many years and I am currently the state guild master for roofers in Baden-Württemberg. https://www.dachdecker-bw.de. I live and work in a small but very beautiful city called Freiburg. It is located in South Germany near the border of France, Switzerland and directly to the Black Forest. https://www.freiburg.de.

My hobbies are jogging, hiking, flying, scuba diving, sailing, horseback riding, electronics, computers, software, hardware and other latest technologies. I have never studied or received any electronics or IT training. Everything is self-taught.

I have my amateur radio license since 1986, then there was a professional break and since 2017 I am really active again. I am a member of the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club https://www.darc.de.

I am a private pilot with instrument flight experience and aerobatic ratings since 1993. My home airport is http://city-flugplatz-freiburg.de and I fly in the flight club http://bvm-freiburg.de. I gained a lot of flying hours and experience as a drop pilot for skydivers in the skydiving club http://skyhigh-ev.de.

I have been fascinated by science fiction for as long as I have been alive and able to think technically. I’m sure StarWars and StarTrek influenced me and contributed to the fact that I still enjoy amateur radio and flying so much. I guess that’s where the urge to try new things and innovate and clean up the technology I use comes from.

As a coach https://erfolgreich-handwerker.de and podcaster https://dachdecker-podcast.podigee.io I like to share my knowledge. I don’t want to brag about it or generate clicks. Unlike money, knowledge multiplies when you share it. Feel free to download, print or share the info and images from my homepage. A link to my homepage would be nice but is not mandatory. 

I am asked from time to time why this homepage is in English. Well, there are two reasons. On the one hand I don’t have the time to write my articles bilingual because of my job, on the other hand my hobbies are usually more international. I reach many of my readers worldwide and since also the programming and software is often in English, it just makes more sense that way. You can use Google and the Chrome Browser to translate my page in many languages.

My motto in life: Don’t say maybe – do it, Baby!

I wish you much pleasure in your live and all the best. Stay healthy!

Karl-Heinz Krawczyk